Whom will be your target audience?

    You will want to know who your audience will be before you can start to build a web page. You have to make your site easily navigational so even the inexperienced audience can find their way around easily.

Envision what your site will look like.

    Take some time and surf the web to look at other sites and write down their addresses for me, so I too can look at them. I will want to know what you like, want and need. Do your research before we talk and your site will be online in a shorter period of time.

    You will want to update your site often. This is especially important for businesses. Businesses will want to keep their customers coming back to see what is new. Check out my Prices section for Maintenance Plans.

Do a lot of graphics, bright colors, flashy signs & multimedia make a great site?

    NOT ALWAYS!! The web currently uses 2 main types of graphics. JPEG & GIF. There are thousands of free JPEG & GIF file available on the web for you to use free of charge. You don’t want to hunker down your site with large graphics and other multimedia effects. This will increase your download time, in turn it will turn off any one who visits your site. People do not like to hang around and wait for those “fancy effects” to load. To many bright colors and flashy signs are a distraction from what the surfer is really there to look at. If the site is hard to read and stay focused on, then the surfer will probably stay a shorter visit on your site and a longer visit at a competitors site.


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