A web host is a provider of space on the Internet to store you web site files and display them for surfers to see. Different host provide a lot of different options. One host may provide 5 Mb of space for $5 a month and the other host may provide 1000 Mb of space a month for $5 also. Some host may provide space for FREE. Each web host has their own set of terms of service.

If you currently have web access (which I assume you do if you are reading this) check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to see if the package you have includes web space. If you do have web space included, there is no need to find a web host. You will need to find out the user name and password for the FTP site. Your provider should be able to E-mail this information to you. I will need all of this information to use the web space that they provided for you. Most ISP’s provide their customers with some space at no extra fee. Contact you ISP to find out.

If your ISP provides you with no web space, that’s okay too. We can easily find a provider for you. A lot of the non-pay providers do have some catches though. Like placing advertising banners on your site. No, the banner will not interfere with your page, but it will always be there. The banner is merely a way for the provider to give you the web site for free. They get a kick back off of the sales taken from the banners or the banners are paid for by the advertiser. If you are not fond of having a banner on your site, then you will need to pay for your web space.

All I will need to set you up with a web host is a few details about you (depending on the web host you choose). It is a short and easy process and we can have your web space within a matter of minutes.



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