Looking for a catchy name??

A domain name is your unique web address ~

You can get your domain name 2 ways...for FREE or pay a yearly fee.

FREE Domain Names that are available to register may be provided through your web host at no cost to you. I know of a deal where if you purchase web space you get your domain name included for FREE!

PAY Domain Names cost you. The fee to register your domain is currently at $34.95 per year.  You can register a .com, . net, .org, .biz or a variety of new domain names that are available. The .org is mainly used for nonprofit organizations. The name you want may not always be available, but various versions of it may be. Let me know what you want and I can find out if that domain name is available or what versions close to it are available.

All I will need to set up your domain name is a few details about you. It is a short and easy process and we can have your domain name within a matter of minutes.


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