My family 2007a2z Site Purveyors was officially started in 2001. It is my belief that the one-on-one relationship between a client and myself is a very important aspect in making my clients’ web site a success, and to help their business and dreams grow.

A little information on myself. I graduated from Ivy Tech State College in 1997 with an AAS Degree in CIS (Computer Information Systems). I returned the spring of 1999 to further my knowledge of Web Site Design and Development.

I worked for a research development company as their Assistant to the V.P. of Marketing from Aug ‘97 until Dec ‘02 and handled everything from traditional advertising and office administration to catalog design proof to print, proofreading and software manual writer/tester. The spring of ‘99 was when I became the Web Diva of their web site. I cannot take full credit for the site, many people helped.

In 2000, my son was born.  I returned to work on a part time basis, until shortly after my daughter was born.  In Dec ‘02, I left my wonderful, secure job, to become a full time stay at home mom, of course with my business to run.  I have no regrets about making this decision.   I take my work very seriously and personally. If my customers are not happy, then neither am I.  My decision to start my own business allowed me to stay at home and care for my 2 children, now 14 & 12, help on the farm, be active with my children's school PTO, work part time at my children's school & substitute teach preschool, be involved with Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Womens Groups, be a 4-H Leader and allow my business to grow.  It has also allowed me to have the time to raise our son on the Autism Spectrum and to keep my very energetic daughter busy with softball & basketball.  My family also keeps busy with 4-H projects and show cattle.  In August 2012, I returned to a full time job at Purdue University.  My business has never been put on hold and I maintain several of my original clients. 

My business has given me the chance to grow mentally, emotionally and most of all spiritually. I give a lot of thanks to GOD for giving me this opportunity, to my husband, who has been patient and supportive of my decision and to my many new, established & past clients.

                    - Rebecca 


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